What we believe

(All of what we believe can't be summed up here, but here are some guiding principles)

Only Jesus frees us from the power of sin, death, and the devil, and he does it for only one reason–He has freely chosen to love us and rescue us by forgiving our sins.


God’s choice to free us belongs to Him alone and he made it out of love. He does not choose because of our own spiritual or earthly achievements.


The freedom and new life Jesus offers is available to all people without condition or exception, but is limited to those who trust him as their Savior.


God’s loving choice to free us is revealed to all only through the Word of God.


The scriptures of the Old and the New Testament are the written, accurate, and reliable Word of God ultimate “deciding factor” for how we interpret matters of faith and life.


We believe Jesus is up to something in our neighborhood—bringing healing, hope, and restoration to the world around us—and we’re excited to be a part of it!


In unity with the Church at large and the Lutheran tradition, we uphold the three ecumenical creeds and the Lutheran Confessions, as they're found in the Book of Concord.

Our Pastor

Jason and his wife Lauren are both natives of Indiana: Jason comes from Indianapolis, and Lauren from Evansville in southern Indiana. They met at Hanover College, also in Indiana, where Jason studied Theology and Psychology. Lauren studied Mathematics and Computer Science. Lauren and Jason were married in April 2012, shortly after Jason started at the seminary. Since that time, Lauren has worked at MasterCard, in the Information Security division along with other positions. She recently completed a master’s degree in Data Analytics and will be looking to put those skills to use in the near future. In their spare time, Lauren and Jason enjoy playing racquetball, watching movies, and playing board or card games. They are also avid Indianapolis Colts fans (Jason more than Lauren). In sports news more relevant to NYC, their baseball loyalties are currently undecided.

Lutheran History

We trace our heritage to a catholic monk, priest, and theologian named Martin Luther who lived in the 1500’s. Martin Luther earnestly desired to purge himself of all sin and grow in holy living. But all his efforts to this end failed. No matter how hard he tried to follow the rules of the church and imitate Jesus and the saints, he could not rid himself of his sinfulness and guilt.Then, through his study of the Bible, Luther discovered that God made sinners right with God by faith in Jesus Christ, not by actions or “good works” prescribed by the church. This insight gave Luther the certainty of forgiveness of sins—of his standing before God. This certainty not only freed Luther from his guilt, but it also freed him from the belief that merely following a set of rules could generate personal holiness. It also set him free to trust that his life would become holy (sanctification) through the initiative and guidance of the Holy Spirit and not his own effort.